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Dental Department

• Periodontal disease (Gum) treatment
• Root canal therapy (endodontics)
• Dental Implants
• Tooth whitening
• Tooth Extraction
• Diagnostic Dental X-ray
• Prosthodontics
• Orthodontics
• Esthetic soft tissue (gum) procedures
• Regular and surgical tooth extraction
• Conscious sedation (laughing gas)
• Pediatric dentistry
• Management of Mandibular joint disorders

Dermatology & Cosmetics care

• Dermatology
• Laser Hair Removal
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Botox
• Filler Injection
• Mesotherapy
• Skin Peeling
• Slimming and Body Tightening
• Hair and Nail disorders
• Pigmented Skin Lesions


Experienced team of obstetricians, gynecologists and nurses. Personalized follow-up consultation, Comprehensive ultrasound screening and imaging facilities

• Pregnancy Management
• Miscarriage Management
• STD’s
• Genital Tract Infection
• Cervical Precarious and Cancerous Lesions
• Infertility
• Breast Diseases and Cancer
• Irregularity Menstruation and Polycyclic Ovarian
• Cervical Cancel Vaccination

Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Department offers a wide range of acute and chronic medical services and provides the highest possible care to our valued patients. The department offers services including Rheumatology, Immunology, Metabolic Disorders, Family Medicine, Hypertension, Hepatology, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Endocrine Glands assessment such as Thyroid Gland. Medical check-ups for various offshore and onshore companies are also available.

• Asthma
• Chronic obstructive airway disease other lung conditions
• Cardiovascular and heart problems
• Diabetes
• Gastric and kidney problems
• Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
• Rheumatic conditions

The services provided by the department include:

• Consultation of routine health problems and illness
• Emergency services
• Management of chronic health problems (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, migraine)
• Periodic health checkup and preventive health care
• All types of vaccinations and adult immunizations

Home Health Care

• Physiotherapy
• Doctor at home
• Post Hospital Discharge care
• Diabetes Management
• Baby at home care
• Pediatric care
• Post-operative care
• Senior care
• Wound care
• Patient therapy compliance
• International Patient care

Anesthesia & Operation Room

General and regional Anesthesia for dental , gynecology procedures focusing on safe practice with high quality international standards aiming all patients to be pain free postoperatively by using ultra sound for anesthesia and pain management and other pain killers with prophylaxis for nausea and vomiting with minimum complications and side effects related to anesthesia .

All patients prepared for surgery must be seen in our anesthesia clinic to be informed in details about the risk & benefits of regional and general anesthesia, the fasting status and all medications to be continued or held as needed, etc